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Dynamics of Face and Annular Seals with Two-phase Flow

Vacuum seal

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When liquid is sealed at temperature higher than its saturation temperature at the outlet pressure, it flashes inside the seal due to the pressure drop and/or the viscous heat dissipation. Typical examples of applications where such two-phase flow may be encountered are light hydrocarbons in petroleum refineries, hot water in boiler feed pumps and reactor coolant pumps, and cryogenic fluids like liquid oxygen and hydrogen in rocket turbopumps. SEAL analyzes the steady state performance of a two-phase face seal operating under both low leakage laminar and high leakage turbulent conditions. The models used in the analysis are the quasi-isothermal model when the seal is low leakage laminar and the adiabatic turbulent model when the seal is turbulent high leakage.

SEAL calculates the general trends of face seals under both low and high leakage conditions, and by extrapolation their behavior in the intermediate region. Parameters that may be investigated include subcooling, coning of seal faces, rotational speeds, conductivity of seal materials and width of seal faces. The program assumes idealized models, and is based on a finite difference approach.
SEAL carries the NASA case number LEW-15156. It was originally released as part of the NASA COSMIC collection.
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