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An Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Finite-Element Analysis Program for Cracked Bodies

a cracked body
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ZIP3D is an advanced finite element program developed to analyze cracks in three dimensional elastic or elastic-plastic bodies. The program calculates mixed-mode fracture mechanics parameters in cracked solids. However, bodies without cracks may also be analyzed to obtain stresses, strains, and displacement fields.

ZIP3D uses eight-node isoparametric elements and small-strain deformation theory. A special reduced-shear integration scheme is provided for bending-dominant problems. The elastic-plastic analysis is based on the incremental plasticity theory using the von Mises yield criterion, isotropic hardening, and Drucker's Flow rule. The initial-stress algorithm is used in this analysis. Three types of material stress-strain curves may be modeled:
  • elastic-perfectly plastic,
  • Ramberg-Osgood, and
  • multilinear representations.
Some unique features of ZIP3D are:
  1. The computation of mixed-mode strain-energy release rates for elastic solids using a 3-D virtual-crackclosure technique;
  2. the calculation of the J-integral for elasticplastic materials using the equivalent domain integral method;
  3. the capability to extend the crack under monotonic or cyclic loading; and
  4. the capability to close or open the crack faces during cyclic loading.
ZIP3D is written in FORTRAN 77 for batch or interactive execution on the CRAY-2, CRAY X-MP and CRAY Y-MP series computers running a UNICOS operating system. Analyzing large models can require as much as 16M words of memory. The utility to unarchive the files, PKUNZIP.EXE, is included. A PC is required to extract the files before moving the program to the CRAY platform. ZIP3D was developed in 1990.

ZIP3D carries the NASA case number LAR-14611. It was originally released as part of the NASA COSMIC collection.
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