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PIKT Graphical User Interface

GPIKT screen shot Moderators:
Michel Blanc
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 113
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

gPIKT is a PIKT graphical user interface. It is written using Perl/Gtk. As of now, no other external modules are required.

gPIKT's basic philosophy is to present the user a tree of systems and their elements. All of them can be dragged to "publish list", and the list can then be published with a simple click. Each system and element have a context menu, where almost all command line piktc options are implemented. gPIKT currently has the following features:

Right mouse menu (on an item on the tree)
  • Add to publish list (adds the current element(s) to the publish list)
  • Install
  • Delete
  • Diff
  • Check
  • Double check
  • Alert daemon/Restart
  • Alert daemon/Kill
  • Service daemon/Restart
  • Service daemon/Kill
The output window displays the results of piktc executions. Depending if you have selected verbose mode or not in the main menu, -v option will automatically be appended to all piktc runs, and subsequent output displayed in the output window.

Thumbnail of gPIKT main window Thumbnail of gPIKT output window
Click to see the gPIKT main window Click to see the gPIKT output window

Copyright 2001, 2002, 2003 by Michel Blanc and Open Channel Software
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