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SpaceWire interface for DSP

DSP SpaceWire Interface Moderators:
Jim Lux
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 19
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

The Spacewire interface for DSP comprises a collection of driver routines, mostly in C, with a few ASM modules that provide an API based on a message passing model. The interface was implemented for the Atmel TSS901E/SMCS332 Spacewire/IEEE-1355 interface chip with three links on Analog Devices 21020 type DSP CPUs. It supports both the dual port RAM (COMI) and word at a time (HOCI) interfaces, and supports all three links simultaneously.


  • Driver is written in C programming language with time critical section written in 21020 assembly language for speed
  • Driver is interrupt driven in critical sections and state-driven for the rest
  • Interrupt service routine is written in assembly and shall not exceed 120 clock cycles
  • Each message/packet is terminated by EOP-1 character inserted by SMCS
  • Messages/packets are pure byte stream
  • Links are to be auto-restarted when error is detected (disconnect, parity etc…)
  • Transmission of a message/packet has to be completed before the next message/packet transmission. Concept of frame doesn't apply.
  • Run-time statistics are collected and can be enabled/disabled at compile time

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